The mixing of the gases for the heating flame
takes place in the actual nozzle, which makes 
the apparatus extremely resistant to backfire
and flashback

There is no ignitable fuel gas oxygen mixture any place within the torch. The gases are supplied through separated tubes to the tip mixing.

Heating oxygen and fuel gases are mixed individually in each gas passage within nozzle, reducing the amount of the ignitable mixture giving increased safety against flashback.

One piece nozzle of solid copper swaged provide maximum cooling and avoid gas turbulence.

Nozzle Mix

High tech features are offered such as divergent tip to increase cutting speed as well as stainless steel internal protection for longer life and minimum kerf.

Torch’s design has reached the ideal proportions among pre-heat, fuel gas orifices and mixing chamber dimensions.

This means more stables outcoming flames that gives high resistance to backfire, flame pops and flashback.

Stainless Stell Linning


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